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Understanding Addiction with Love and Compassion

Understanding addiction/substance abuse disorder is not an easy task.  Showing love and compassion to one in active addiction can be difficult.  Although often times it appears that the addict cares only about themselves it is really that they are focused predominantly on the drugs and quite honestly have very little regard for themselves.

The old way of providing treatment was perplexing as the more senior members in the field thought they held the key to recovery and everyone else should shut up and listen; ideally in total awe.  They would puff out their chest and spout in a voice that always seemed to deepen by a few octaves, “they can’t get over on me.”  Catching people became a claim to fame that appeared to be symbolic of putting another notch on the counselor’s belt.  In all reality this only served to up the game which is often times as addictive as the substances themselves.  For years addiction was an interesting dichotomy of confrontation and love, “tough love.”  If you demonstrated kindness it was considered “enabling” and if you didn’t brutally point out the error of the addict’s ways you were not breaking through their denial. 

Thankfully the field is changing and kindness is considered a virtue rather than a hindrance.  We have learned that gently “developing discrepancies” while empowering those impacted by the disease allows the addict to move beyond the guilt and shame finding value in themselves.  This provides an opportunity to make major life changes.   

Helping others find their way out is a privilege that those of us who work in this field have the honor of doing.  To treat those we serve with compassion, dignity and respect lies at the core of what we do.  We believe in holistic treatment where all aspects of one’s life negatively impacted by the disease has a chance to heal.   Our intent is to gently guide our people as we partner with them on their totally life changing journey.   

When looking for a treatment program it is important that the program fits one’s needs. Our world believes in a quick fix and advocates taking a medication to fix everything.  We want to get the fastest results with the least amount of work.  Unfortunately this is not always the best approach when treating addiction/substance use disorder. Medication can be a crucial adjunct to treatment.  It is through treatment that one is able to make changes in all areas of their life creating a framework necessary for long term recovery.  This tends to be the hardest but most rewarding part about recovery.  Mastering the ability to be able to look at oneself and make changes in one’s life is key to sobriety.

Lu Carson, R.N., C.A.R.N.., L.S.W.
Executive Vice President

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State Line Treatment Services provides Outpatient Treatment Services in Butler County and and all of Southwestern Ohio for Drug/Alcohol Addiction. We can help with addiction to the following list but this is not completely inclusive:  Alcohol * Benzodiazepines * Opiates * Prescription drugs * Inhalants * Amphetamines * Marijuana * Hallucinogens